Whatsapp Download for Nokia Lumia & Android mobiles

Hello welcome to our  Technomantra blog. If you are here browsing this page, we can say that you are looking for download whatsapp for Nokia mobiles. With the fast developing technology, every thing is changing. We are able to use advanced Messaging apps. One among the top messaging app is Whatsapp. It has topped the list among the messaging apps and created a huge trend among its users.

Whatsapp is an amazing mobile messaging app, which lets you share text messages, picture messages and also send audio and video files to your friends and family members who are also using whatsapp on their Mobiles. Whatspp messenger is free of cost and it uses the data plan on your phone or the wifi available. Here in this tutorial i am going to share with you how to download whatsApp for Nokia mobiles which included both Android and Nokia lumia Windows mobiles.

Free Whatsapp Download For Nokia Android mobiles

Downloading and installing whatsapp messenger for Nokia Android OS based mobiles is pretty easy. I will tell you the step by step procedure to download whatsapp 
  • First open the Google Playstore App which we will be provided by default in most of the Android devices. Google playstore is the market place, where we can find a lot of Paid as well free Android Applications to download.
  • Now type " WhatsApp messenger" in the search bar and submit
  • You can find all Apps named after whatsapp. Carefully  select the original whatsapp messenger.
  • Now press on the Download button. You can see the whatsapp file downloading on to your mobile.
  • Once the downloading whatsApp is finished, click on the Install button
  • As soon as the installation is completed, you will be asked to verify your location and mobile number. 
  • Thats it after verification you can create your personal whatsapp profile and can enjoy using the App

Whatsapp download for Nokia Lumia mobiles (windows phones) like Lumia 520, 630, 720 etc.

If you are looking to download whatsapp for Nokia Lumia  windows mobiles, we will help you with a detailed step by step procedure. There are couple of methods to download whatsapp on Lumia mobiles.

Most of the Nokia lumia windows phones are provided with Windows phone store which is also known as Marketplace, where you can find all the apps (both free and paid). Coming to whatsapp messenger, it is completely free and easy to download and install on lumia.

1. Switch on the Nokia lumia mobile and make sure it is connected to internet to download the app.

2. Now click on the Marketplace icon provided by default on your mobile phone.

3. You will find a magnifying glass button and click on it to get a search bar

4. Type Whatsapp in the search bar

5. Now you can find Whatsapp application in the search results. Click on it download to whatsapp for Nokia lumia mobile.

6. After the download is completed, proceed with installation process, wher you need to confirm your location and mobile number by receiving a code for the number you wish to use whatsapp.

Whatsapp download for Nokia lumia mobiles direct from website

You can also download whatsapp for Nokia lumia the latest version directly from the official website www.whatsapp.com. Visit the official website from any of the browser available on your mobile and click on Download whatsapp button available and then select windows phone. Now you will be able to download whatsapp for free on Nokia Lumia 520.

The above procedures can also be used to download whatsapp for other Nokia Lumia mobiles like Lumia 520. Lumia 510, Lumia 630, Lumia 720, Lumia 535 etc. which runs on windows platform.

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Hope, you will find this article on how to download whatsapp for Nokia lumia 520 Mobiles will be useful for you. And if you got any error while downloading whatsapp for lumia mobiles, please reach us through comments section.

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  1. I can't install whatsaapp on my lumia520 giving me error code 80048264..what this mean? Please help