MX Player download free for Android, Windows phones, pc/ laptops & iphone

MX player app is one of the best players to be used in smartphones to enjoy watching videos. It supports any kind of video format like dvd, mp3/4, dvb, .avi, ssa, .mpl, .smi, .sub that can’t play by other players.

One can play any video format using MX Player. Some of them can be decoded with hardware support and so it can play even 1080p mp4. Once MX player is installed, it starts searching complete sdcard for videos. Here in this tutorial we we will provide you with the detailed information about how to download MX Player for Android, windows, iphones and also for laptops / pc.

download mx player

MX Player has best features like
  • It has all video codes types and media integration for every Android devices.
  • It has “Kids Lock” option which allows you to handover your smartphone to your beloved kids so that they can enjoy watching videos without having the tension of tempering with other functions.
Main advantage of MX player app:
  • Just by swiping up/down we can change the volume on left side of screen
  • swiping up/down to change brightness on right side of screen
  • swiping left/right to change the playing position

How to download MX Player  app for android:

It is easy and free to download MX player for any android mobile. Just follow the steps and you can enjoy watching videos in best player.
Steps to download MX Player

Once the player is installed it will show the list of videos categorized according as in your sd card. You can just zoom in/out by touching screen and adjusting resolution with your fingers. Subtitles can we enabled or disabled using its settings.

How to download MX player for PC/Laptop for free:

You can enjoy watching videos using MX Player even in your pc/laptop just by downloading mx player which is available for free.  you may like: whatsapp for samsung
Steps to download MX Player:
  • Before downloading MX player, first you need to download BlueStacks in your PC/Laptop.
  • Here is the link to download Bluestacks.
  • After downloading bluestack just install it.
  • Run BlueStacks and find MX Player using search tool.
  • Once if you find the MX player app install it on PC/laptop.
  • After installation is completed you can enjoy watching movies and videos using MX Player.
  • Similarly you can download and install mx Player for windows phones, iphones, tablets etc. 
Key Features:
  • Hardware Acceleration:  With the help of H/W decoder, one can apply hardware acceleration to many videos.
  • Multi-core Decoding:  First Android video player that supports multi-core decoding is MX Player. This gives a better performance than single core decoding.
  • Pinch to Zoom, Zoom and Pan: One can easily zoom in/out just by pinching and swiping across the screen. Pan  and Zoom is also available by option.
  • Subtitle gestures: Just by scrolling forward/backward you can move to next/previous text and by scrolling up/down you can move text up/down for Zoom in/out to change text size.
  • Kids Lock: Using kids lock option you can make your kids entertained without having worry about making calls or touching other apps by them. 


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