Download whatsapp for Micromax mobiles. [Latest version]

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The current era is completely relied on the digital technology that eventually led to usage of various applications in a rapid way. All these applications have been rolled out in order to ease the living on an individual and finish their chores at a great chore instantly. We can witness a drastic change in the communications system with the development of advanced technology. We got handy application in order to communicate with your beloved ones and friends no matter how far and apart you are and regardless of the mobile platform you use.

One of the amazing and most popular instant messaging applications which are being used by millions of people across the world is none other than WhatsApp. As the name suggests, WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform that allows its users send messages, photos, videos, audio clips and much more instantly i.e., within few seconds. This epoch of instant messaging has completely surpassed the past regular SMS mode of sending messages.

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging platform that supports various mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Nokia Mobiles and much more. Regardless of the smartphone brand, you can download WhatsApp on any device. If you own a Micromax mobile and are looking to download Whatsapp for Micromax mobiles, you have landed in the right place. We are here to aid you to download and install WhatsApp for Micromax Mobiles. Take a look!

whatsapp latest version download for Micromax mobiles free


Micromax is a domestic smartphone manufacturing firm which is quite popular for manufacturing various low-end feature smartphones across the country. Micromax is an Indian based mobile makers which have positioned itself as a 10th largest smartphone seller across the world. If you have a Micromax mobile and are looking to use WhatsApp on your Micromax mobile, it is pretty much simple to download and install WhatsApp on Micromax mobile. 

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application which has been developed by the WhatsApp Inc. developers especially for the smartphone users. All you need to have is a supporting platform to download and install WhatsApp for Micromax mobiles no matter what kind of smartphone brand you are using. We have come up with a step-by-step procedure to download and install WhatsApp for Micromax mobiles in this detailed guide.

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Features of WhatsApp for Micromax Mobiles

Here are the incredible features of WhatsApp for Micromax Mobiles:
  • You can make use of all the amazing features of WhatsApp only when you’ve a pretty good internet connection. You can even use WhatsApp on your mobile data pack.
  • This app enables its users send instant texts and various multimedia stuff that include videos, photos and audio files across various devices.
  • You can even make free voice calls across various platforms.
  • You can chat with your friends either on individual chats or group chats.

Download Whatsapp for Micromax Mobiles

WhatsApp is available on various mobile platforms and you can download this application on your Micromax mobile such as Canvas series, Bolt series and much more that runs on Android mobile operating system. It is quite easy to download WhatsApp for Micromax mobiles as it is compatible with all devices.

You can download WhatsApp Messenger for Micromax Mobiles which are under various segments like Micromax Canvas, Bolt, Amaze, a24, a27, a35  and Ninja devices. If you wish to download WhatsApp for Micromax mobiles, you can simply download it from the Google Play Store app  marketplace. 

WhatsApp application supports to download it on various platforms and for Android it is compatible with Android 2.1 and higher versions of the operating system. All the Micromax phones that are running on Android platform are compatible to download WhatsApp application.

Download Pokemon go for Samsung Mobiles [Galaxy]

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After much anticipation, Pokemon GO has been finally released by the Pokemon Company especially for two different platforms such as Android and iOS devices. Pokemon Go game is now available for download across Android and iOS platforms in selected countries. Pokemon Go game has been developed and published by Niantic developers. The company has rolled out Pokemon Go game across various countries that include the US, UK, Australia, Japan and few other selected countries.

If you wish to download and install Pokemon Go for Samsung mobiles, you can simply download from google playstore or with the help of Pokemon Go APK file. The Pokemon Go game has been made available across two different platforms but one must keep in mind that this Pokemon Go game has been developed and designed to work pretty well only on smartphones but not on other devices like Tablets. If you still want to download and install Pokemon Go for Samsung mobiles that run Android OS in your country, you can do so just by following the simple procedure provided below.

Download Pokemon Go Game for Samsung galaxy Mobiles

Pokemon GO is the newly released augmented reality game across various selected countries on 6th July. You might be quite familiar with the animated series of Pokemon Go on the TV series but now, you can experience all the real-time actions and adventures while playing this incredible Pokemon Go game on your Samsung mobile. You can now catch Pokémon in the real world by coming across them in real-life places and experience something new while playing this outstanding reality game.

Are you pretty much fascinated to play this Pokemon go game on your Samsung mobile? If you’re extremely interested and keen to play this game just by downloading it on your Samsung mobile device, but the company had just rolled out for Android and iPhone device users. You need not worry as we are here to assist you in downloading Pokemon Go game on your Samsung mobile. Here, we have come up with a detailed guide to download Pokemon Go game for Samsung mobile.

Features of Pokemon Go Game for Samsung galaxy and  other model Mobiles

Here are the amazing features of Pokemon Go game for Samsung mobiles:

  • Pokemon Go allows its users play this incredible game in Multiplayer mode through online with various players across the world.
  • The new Pokemon Go game comprises of highly advanced stuff that can be used in real-time game play.
  • Pokemon Go allows its game players create their own individual teams and experience the real-time gaming.
  • Another incredible feature of Pokemon Go game is notifying its game players regarding the location of Pokemon using a special wearable device called Pokemon Go Plus.
  • This Pokemon Go Plus device need to be connected to your Samsung mobile through Bluetooth as it notifies its players about several interesting events of Pokemon Go game.

Pokemon Go Download free for Samsung Mobiles

The Pokemon Company has rolled out Pokemon Go game especially for Android and iPhone device users earlier this month on 6th July is some selected countries. However, you can download Pokemon Go game on your Samsung mobile running on some other platform apart from Android operating system using the APK file. The current version of Pokemon Go game which is available to download for Samsung mobiles is Pokemon Go 0.29.0 and the file size of the APK file weighs about 58.06 MB. You may alsk like: whatsapp download for samsung  and download facebook for samsung galaxy .

If you are using Android OS on your Samsung Mobiles, you can download and install the Pokemon Go for Samsung mobiles using the Google Playstore or otherwise you have make use of the APK file. It supports Android 4.4 and above versions to download Pokemon Go for Samsung mobiles. This Pokemon Go APK works for almost all smartphone brands such as Samsung mobiles, Xiaomi, HTC, Lenovo, Sony, LG, Micromax and other brands.

Pokemon Go game is also available on the Google Play Store app store in some selected regions. However, you can download the Pokemon GO APK for Samsung mobiles using the APK files that are often provided on some trusted APK sites like Apkmirror and much more

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Facebook free download for Samsung galaxy & other Android mobiles

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Are you looking to download facebook for your samsung galaxy, Nokia, htc, Micromax or any other Android mobiles? Then here, you can find the detailed info which helps you.

The whole world is catching up with FACEBOOK these days – some for getting back with old school friends, some to reconnect with long distant relatives and cousins, some to get in touch with old professors and teachers, some to keep in contact with colleagues from precious companies, and some to to keep updated with loved ones. Facebook is available for both phones, PCs, Mac, Laptops, Tablets, etc. I am sure you would want the same as well for yourself. It's all about the convenience actually – having Facebook installed directly on your phone will not only save your precious time, but  also help you instantly communicate with people.

Facebook App free download for Samsung galaxy, Nokia, Htc and other Android mobiles


Basically, there are two apps namely – Facebook App and Facebook Messenger App – when it comes to mobile phones and tablets, be it iOS or Android platform. However, today I will only talk about Facebook App, as you know the procedure for downloading Facebook Messenger is exactly the same. All Samsung Galaxy Mobile phones use Android OS as a platform to run its system. Hence, this indicates that you need to follow the same procedure which we follow to download Facebook For Android mobiles. So, without further ado, I will show a step by step guide to download Facebook on any Samsung mobile phone. The procedure given below is one of the simplest and easiest to follow.

Download Facebook  For Samsung Galaxy & Android Mobile Phones:

Below is the step by step procedure for downloading facebook app for all Android mobiles. In this case we have taken the Samsung phone as an example. You can use this process for any other Android device and can install Facebook successfully.

  • Open your Samsung galaxy Mobile phone.
  • Click on Google App Store, by just tapping on it.
  • Type “Facebook” on the search bar
  • You will see an install button in green color, tap on it.
  • Now, the Facebook App will be installed on your Samsung Mobile phone, and when it does you will see it appear on your notification as well as inside the app menu.
  • Click on the Facebook App, type your username and password, and connect to your friends and family.
Downloading or Installing Facebook App on your Samsung galaxy devices is really that simple and easy – a five old year old kiddo could do that without asking anyone’s help or assistance.

I personally like to use Facebook App and Messenger on my phone because I don't need to sign in or log in again and again like have to do on the Facebook web. Once, I have logged in – it is always logged in – and that's really convenient. Next benefit is that you get notification directly on your phone when some one tags your pic, or messages you, or comments on your post, or comments on posts of others you have commented on – makes your life and tracking others life activity a whole lot better.

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So…ya, I guess we have pretty much summed it up. Just follow the procedure and you will no doubt be able to download Facebook App. Everyone had started using Facebook, and the numbers of daily new joiners are increasingly in thousands even as we speak. It's always better to be in loop with others, and Facebook helps you do that. So, go ahead and follow these easy and simple steps, and get started with your social networking life.

I hope this was helpful, please comment if you want any help to download facebook application for your mobiles.

Whatsapp download for Samsung, Nokia,& Android mobiles (Galaxy Series)

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*Whatsapp download* whatsapp messenger has become a senstional  app  for smartphones. Worldwide millions of people are using whatsapp messenger for sending free text messages, images and videos.A good thing to be happy with whatsapp is that it runs on all major operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.If you have friends or family in another country or region, it is simply an indispensable tool for keeping in touch with them and exchange news.

The Whatsapp download for Samsung , Nokia, and other Android, windows mobiles is completely free! You can directly start downloading without paying anything. In addition, all you need is an Internet connection to start sending free messages to all your contacts. With whatsapp on your Android like Nokia,samsung, htc mobiles, users can send unlimited text messages, both audio and video files to their friends or other using having whatsapp installed on their mobiles.

Looking to download whatsapp for Samsung, HTC, Nokia?  Here you can find all the information on WhatsApp for Samsung. Samsung is one of the most popular smartphones and tablet brand in the world. In addition, millions of people worldwide make use of WhatsApp. Because 4g WhatsApp is turning more popular, there are more and more questions about WhatsApp for Samsung. Samsung phones comes with  different types of operating systems. Therefore, the download WhatsApp is little different for Samsung devices which comes with android, windows etc. For example, downloading Whatsapp for Android mobile is slightly different from the download Whatsapp for windows
whatsapp for samsung
Whatsapp for samsung mobiles

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How to Download whatsapp Messenger App new version for Samsung, Nokia, HTC Android Mobiles and Tablets

Given below is the brief explanation of how to download and install WhatsApp messenger directly to your Samsung galaxy, Nokia, Htc, Micromax and other Android devices. The following tutorial is given taking Samsung Android mobile as an example and the procedure is same for all the Android phones.
  • Open the App Playstore on your Samsung device and press the search button 
  • Enter "WhatsApp" in the search box and select the first search result 
  • Now you can see a brief description of the technical details and reviews. Press Download button to download WhatsApp Android directly
  • You can check the progress of the download and installation on your Android notification center. Once the download and installation is ready, you can directly open the WhatsApp application.
  • The first time you open WhatsApp from your Samsung Android device, you have to verify your mobile number. You can check your phone number via SMS or a call. Enter your phone number and verify your number directly.
  • Now WhatsApp for Android is downloaded, installed and tested and thus ready to use! Have fun with WhatsApp on your Samsung devices.

How to Download Whatsapp for Samsung Bada or Java mobiles/Tablets

Samsung is well known for its Bada OS mobiles like Samsung Wave series,Samsung Chat series, Samsung champ series and many more. whatsapp for these mobiles cannot be installed by the above said process and to download Whatsapp for samsung Bada mobiles, there is one good method.

Steps to download whatsapp for Samsung Bada or Java mobiles
  • Firstly you need to download .jar file and .exe file for bada, so download them on to your PC
  • Now copy or send these downloaded files to your samsung phone by using USB
  • After copying the files,remove the USB and restart the phone.
  • Now you have to install the files transferred to your phone.
  • Thats it, you have successfully installed whatsapp for samsung bada phone.
WhatsApp is once such most popular Instant messaging apps in the app market which has more than 1 billion users across the globe. Many of know that this amazing app is available only for the mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, iOS etc. But, the good thing is the because of its huge popularity that is increasing day by day, PC and laptop users were also searching for this app to get installed in their devices for their convenience to chitchat with their friends, relatives and dear ones. Keeping this in view, whatsapp has been made available to the PC using some third-party software’s. But to say this application is not available directly from the official developers and it is not an official app for PC too. But, don’t worry we can make it possible using some third-party applications or software’s such as Android Emulators like Bluestacks, Andy or else the users can directly get the WhatsApp app from the web. All the procedures are given below and the people can check them out and prefer the one that if comfortable or easy for you. But before that we advise you to check the requirements of the WhatsApp for using it on PC or laptop.

Whatsapp download for PC- Computer(wndows 7/8/10)

Requirements for Using WhatsApp on PC
Here are the few requirements that your PC should meet in order to download watsapp  and installed on your PC. So, check them out and make sure that your device meets these requirements.
  • Your PC or Laptop should have at least 2 GB of RAM.
  • The video card of your PC needs to be compatible with graphical bookshop OpenGL
  • High speed internet connection
  • Having Windows 7, MAC OSX, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Windows XP with Service Pack 3 would work.
  • Dual core processor (at least 1.6 GHz) or similar to that.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp for PC Using Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is the Android emulator which most of the people would prefer for installing the WhatsApp on their PC. But there are also other similar Android emulators available in the market such as Andy. So, you can choose any of them to install the Whatsapp. Here we have chosen Bluestacks which should be first installed on your PC followed by WhatsApp.
  • At first, search for the Bluestacks app in the official website and download the app in to your PC.
  • Next, runs the Bluestacks as other applications and install it in your PC.
  • Open BlueStacks software from the shortcut icon that appears on the screen after the completion of the installation and complete the signup process.
  • Next, you need to login in to the Google App store with your email id.
  • In the app store via Bluetsacks search for the official WhatsApp and download it.
  • Now, find the Whatsapp in the downloaded location and install it.
  • Launch the app from the shortcut created on your PC’s desktop and start using it following the instructions.

Get WhatsApp Web for Your PC

In order to use the Whatsapp web, you should already have the WhatsApp account on your mobile. By installing as well as using the WhatsApp Web application, you are just adding the extension of the already existing account of the Whatsapp on your PC. This will not create a new account rather it will just sync the messages and other account information in between your computer and mobile. But for getting this in your PC, you have to follow below steps.
  • At first, you need to visit the WhatsApp Web app page on your PC or computer.
  • Open the WhatsApp Web section on your mobile application in this way. (For example on Android, go to chats screen, Menu and then WhatsApp web.)
  • Next, you need to scan the QR code on the web page of the computer screen using your phone. It is very simple.
  • To unlink your account, you need to head over to the same part of your mobile to view pr for changing the change logged computers on your account.
This is how you need to install the whatsapp for PC in two different ways. So, do follow that and get the app on your PC today.

One of the major drawbacks with the messaging apps is the security issue. To overcome this major defect, Watsapp has taken a step forward and has provided full end-to-end encryption with the latest updated version. Now when you send text messages, audio or video files to your contacts who also uses the latest version, the files or messages you send will be end-to-end encrypted by default and can not be accessed by the hackers or any cyber criminals. So, what are you waiting for? Update to the latest version of whatsapp .

I hope this tutorial to download free Whatsapp for Android Mobiles like Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, htc and aslo Whatsapp download for PC and whatsapp web will be helpfull to you and in case if you have any other problems installing Whatsapp for  Mobiles, catch me through comments.

Namotel Mobile @Rs99 online booking and registrations open

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Namotel Mobile Acche din Rs.99 Smart Phone Namotel Bookings Namotel Bemybanker Registrations Namotel Phone Booking www.namotel.com Rs.99 Namotel Mobile www.namotel.com

A new Bangalore-based Company namely Namotel has made its debut into the smartphone market with the launch of the world's cheapest smartphone called“Namotel Acche Din”which is priced at an inexpensive price range of just Rs 99. Earlier, we have seen two smartphones that offered at an inexpensive price and created massive buzz across the social media. Now, the new Namotel Acche Din smartphone hits Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 smartphones which were priced at Rs 251 and Rs 888 respectively.

The promoter of Namotel, Madhava Reddy reportedly announced the world's cheapest smartphone namely the Namotel Achhe Din, for just Rs. 99 at a press conference which was held in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The term cheapest wouldn’t be appropriate to define the cost of the smartphone. The promoter Madhava Reddy of the Namotel Company assured that the Namotel Achhe Din Smartphone will available for pre-booking from 17th May to 25thMay, 2016 on the company’s official website namotel.com.

Namotel Achhe Din Specs & Features

Namotel Acche Din is the world’s cheapest smartphone that sports a 4-inch display with a pixel resolution of 480 × 800 pixels WVGA resolution. The handset runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating system and offers 1GB of RAM. The smartphone is powered by 1.3GHz quad-core processor.

In terms of storage, the smartphone offers an inbuilt Storage of 4 GB which can be further expandable up to 32 GB through microSD card. On the Camera front, the device bears a 2MP back camera and VGA selfie camera that are fixed to the handset. In terms of connectivity, the new Namotel Acche Din smartphone provides 3G connectivity and it is dual-SIM smartphone.
Actual Price of Namotel Achhe Din Slashed to Rs. 99

In fact, the price of the Namotel Achhe Din smartphone is Rs. 2999. But the Namotel Company has slashed the price to Rs. 99. Seemingly, the website of the company ‘Namotel.com’ presented that there has been a vast price-cut from the original value of the smartphone. The price of the smartphone has been plunged down from a meek INR 2999 to a mere 100 INR.

The Namotel Achhe Din smartphone is available on cash-on-delivery basis. You can book the Rs. 99 smartphone, and it will be delivered right at your doorstep once after paying the reasonable delivery charge. The company has simply mentioned that nominal delivery charges will be levied but not specified the precise delivery rates for making home delivery.
To be true, the actual pricing of the phone that Rs 2,999 is quite reasonable with the specifications and features. But, is there any profit for the company if they offer the smartphone at such an extremely inexpensive price range.

How to Register For Bemybanker To Buy Rs.99 Namotel  Achee Din Mobile

1.You have to register for bemybanker.com and Get your User ID and Password..
2.Login to Bemybanker.com and Pay INR 199/- as a membership fee in the mobile registration page Using Payment Gateway.
3.The fee is for enrolment of life time membership of bemybanker.com ( Chequecut technologies pvt ltd) to get updates on Bemybanker.com (displayed products like Loans, cards, Insurance Etc.) on regular basis to your registered email and Mobile number.
4.The BeMybanker Reference ID You can create by Login to Bemybanker.com under Mobile Registration Or Login to Namotel.com under Register can see the link Near BMB Login ID.
Process For enrolment
1.Check the confirmation email on your registered email( Inbox, Spam) for payment confirmation.
2.Use The BeMybanker Reference ID( BMB ID) to complete the registration processes.
3. Upload your passport sized photo graphs and Aadhar card. Ensure you fill the address correctly (Pin code and city name is Most) so the delivery agency/department locate easily.
4.You get the confirmation on the screen after successful registration.

How to Book Namotel Achhe Din Smartphone @ Namotel.com?

Namotel How to Book Rs.99 Namotel Acche Din Smartphone – World’s Cheapest Smartphone @ Rs. 99
Here are the easy steps that help you book the world’s cheapest smartphone Namotel Achhe Din at the official website.

Note: The smartphone is limited in units. So, people who wish to buy the device need to have an Aadhaar identity. Only Indian citizens having an identity proof can buy this device.
Step 1:First of all, log on to official website at www.namotel.com.
Step 2:Register for the Namotel Mobile Android smartphone.
Step 3:Hit the‘Register’ button so as to book the Namotel Achhe Din smartphone.
Step 4:You can then see a registration form appears on the screen. You need to enter all your details such as:
Name• Gender • Date of Birth • Email ID  • Aadhaar Number •Mobile Number
Step 5:You need to upload your photo and the Aadhaar card image.
Step 6:The only payment option is Cash on Delivery (COD) available to book the smartphone. There are no other payment options like Debit/Credit card and net banking.
Step 7:Once you’re done, hit on the Register Me up button. You will get a confirmation email to your registered mail id.
Namotel Rs.99 Mobile Book
The company is offering one year warranty for the smartphone and swaggering of having many service centres across the state.As far as Rs. 99 pricing goes, there is no reason or financial concept to support it, and as discussed earlier, it is impossible for any company to sell smartphones at such price. That price won’t even cover the price of manufacturing the device.

Vidmate App free download # For PC Vidmate Apk

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VIDMATE free download, Download Vidmate for PC and Vidmate Apk latest version

Gone are those days when one needed to hunt for the downloading site to download videos. People who were always in need of downloading their favourite videos, it’s a good news for them. Sitting on your Pc and hunting for it all night will be given a full stop as one of the best applications have been developed for video downloading. Yes! You have got it right. Video downloading will be very easier with this application called “VIDMATE “

Introduction to Vidmate App

Vidmate is an application that is used for downloading videos from the sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, Daily motion, Sound Cloud, Meta cafe and many other multimedia sites. Basically, videos can be downloaded from any video-hosting site. It is one of the most useful applications as it helps to watch the latest movies directly on the mobile phone and the videos can be downloaded in just one click. With this application, one can download HD movies , full movies , TV serials , mp3 songs and many more. It also helps us to know the latest songs and videos released.


- Watching of Indian TV serials becomes easier through this application as they can be watched online.

- It is also useful for the ones who cannot understand English as it provides Hindi sub-titles as well.

- The application has been designed in such a way that it becomes very easier for the user to use.

- Multiple files can be downloaded collectively without any hindrance.

- Indian Newspapers can also be read online.

- It’s an all in one full entertainment application. One cannot get bored with a Vidmate application.

- Vidmate can be used with any kind of internet connectivity that is 2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi.

- The recent researches on the application can also be viewed easily.

- Last but not the least, the best factor of this application is that it is completely free of cost and does not charge for any amount of downloading.

In Vidmate settings, one can choose the different sites to be showed up on the main interface. By default, there are a few shortcuts of the popular ones, for example, YouTube , Metacafe , Daily motion and so on. We can also add twenty other sites as per our requirements.

Steps to download Vidmate App free for PC (Windows7/8/10)

- For downloading the vidmate application on the PC, one requires an Android emulator like Bluestacks. If it is already not downloaded in the PC , it can be downloaded from www.bluestacks.com

- Once, blue stack is downloaded, open it and search for vidmate using the search tool on the homepage.

- Once clicked on the install button, it will automatically download and get installed.

- Once the application has been installed, go to “My apps “in Bluestacks homepage.

- The icon will be appeared over there.

- Click on the icon to open the browser.

The only drawback of this application is for the ones who use an iPhone. The sad news for iPhone users is that this application cannot be run on an iPhone. People using iPhone won’t be able to use this application. However, with the recent reports it has been said that iPhone makers are also trying to come up with Vidmate for an iPhone.

Altogether, we can say that this application has reduced a larger amount of irritation for the ones who used to think about 100 ways of downloading videos as vidmate is the best that has come out and is very easy and efficient.

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Whatsapp Download for Nokia Lumia & Android mobiles

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Hello welcome to our  Technomantra blog. If you are here browsing this page, we can say that you are looking for download whatsapp for Nokia mobiles. With the fast developing technology, every thing is changing. We are able to use advanced Messaging apps. One among the top messaging app is Whatsapp. It has topped the list among the messaging apps and created a huge trend among its users.

Whatsapp is an amazing mobile messaging app, which lets you share text messages, picture messages and also send audio and video files to your friends and family members who are also using whatsapp on their Mobiles. Whatspp messenger is free of cost and it uses the data plan on your phone or the wifi available. Here in this tutorial i am going to share with you how to download whatsApp for Nokia mobiles which included both Android and Nokia lumia Windows mobiles.

Free Whatsapp Download For Nokia Android mobiles

Downloading and installing whatsapp messenger for Nokia Android OS based mobiles is pretty easy. I will tell you the step by step procedure to download whatsapp 
  • First open the Google Playstore App which we will be provided by default in most of the Android devices. Google playstore is the market place, where we can find a lot of Paid as well free Android Applications to download.
  • Now type " WhatsApp messenger" in the search bar and submit
  • You can find all Apps named after whatsapp. Carefully  select the original whatsapp messenger.
  • Now press on the Download button. You can see the whatsapp file downloading on to your mobile.
  • Once the downloading whatsApp is finished, click on the Install button
  • As soon as the installation is completed, you will be asked to verify your location and mobile number. 
  • Thats it after verification you can create your personal whatsapp profile and can enjoy using the App

Whatsapp download for Nokia Lumia mobiles (windows phones) like Lumia 520, 630, 720 etc.

If you are looking to download whatsapp for Nokia Lumia  windows mobiles, we will help you with a detailed step by step procedure. There are couple of methods to download whatsapp on Lumia mobiles.

Most of the Nokia lumia windows phones are provided with Windows phone store which is also known as Marketplace, where you can find all the apps (both free and paid). Coming to whatsapp messenger, it is completely free and easy to download and install on lumia.

1. Switch on the Nokia lumia mobile and make sure it is connected to internet to download the app.

2. Now click on the Marketplace icon provided by default on your mobile phone.

3. You will find a magnifying glass button and click on it to get a search bar

4. Type Whatsapp in the search bar

5. Now you can find Whatsapp application in the search results. Click on it download to whatsapp for Nokia lumia mobile.

6. After the download is completed, proceed with installation process, wher you need to confirm your location and mobile number by receiving a code for the number you wish to use whatsapp.

Whatsapp download for Nokia lumia mobiles direct from website

You can also download whatsapp for Nokia lumia the latest version directly from the official website www.whatsapp.com. Visit the official website from any of the browser available on your mobile and click on Download whatsapp button available and then select windows phone. Now you will be able to download whatsapp for free on Nokia Lumia 520.

The above procedures can also be used to download whatsapp for other Nokia Lumia mobiles like Lumia 520. Lumia 510, Lumia 630, Lumia 720, Lumia 535 etc. which runs on windows platform.

Also check out whatsapp download for samsung and whatsapp for laptop

Hope, you will find this article on how to download whatsapp for Nokia lumia 520 Mobiles will be useful for you. And if you got any error while downloading whatsapp for lumia mobiles, please reach us through comments section.